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Concierge Pediatrician in Orlando, FL

In-room hotel and resort medical care for newborns to 21-year-olds available from 8AM-midnight 7 days a week.

Concierge Pediatrician in Orlando, FL

Thank you for being a part of the Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care and Right Now MD industry referral program!

We are committed to delivering the highest level of medical care to your guests. With this in mind, we assure you that all guest interactions will be handled with care and the utmost of integrity and professionalism. It is our job to be an extension of your services and company mission.

To show our gratitude to you as an affiliate partner, your referrals are tracked with your own designated personal identification number (PIN), when you text us on our tracking mobile number.

TO REGISTER: Text NLP to 40691. You will get a text message that will give you a link to take you to Once you are on the site, scroll first to the blue info bar “referral program” and enter your information and send. You will then be registered.



STEP 1 – CHOOSE A SERVICE: When a guest has a sick child and needs medical attention we have two options: 1) in-room care with Right Now MD or 2) in clinic treatment at Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care. Ask your guest the option they would prefer.

STEP 2 – LET US KNOW THEY ARE COMING: Text the parent’s name and phone number along with the designated number provided to you when you signed up for our referral program to the appropriate number.

Text NLP to 40691. The parent will then receive a mobile text with information and directions for the closest Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care Clinic to their location or chose Right Now MD if they prefer in-room services

When your number is text, it will count as one referral and logged into our system. Such referrals will add up throughout the month to be counted for the two monthly prize drawings.

STEP 3 – PROVIDE THE PARENT INFORMATION: Information for both services will be given to your Guest Services Desk and front line staff regularly, to provide the same to the parent for follow up to schedule our services. We are dedicated towards pursuing happy guests by providing excellent services.

Thank you for your confidence in partnering with us! We look forward to working with your guests and providing exceptional care with the highest standards. Together we can treat sick children on vacation to get the family back to your Central Florida resort.